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Handouts: December 22, 2017 [Note required format below]
PowerPoint: December 22, 2017

Based on prior evaluations, Handouts and PowerPoints are very important to those who attend our education sessions. Presenters who provided inadequate or did not provide handouts received lower attendee evaluations than those who provided handouts and used PowerPoint. We encourage handouts in a summary or outline of your presentation.
Send your Handout and PowerPoint presentation to: Stacy Riddler

PPAI is going “paperless” – no paper handouts will be distributed in the session rooms to attendees at EXPO. Handouts for sessions submitted by Friday, December 22, 2017 will be available for download/print online before the event.
Below is a checklist to help you as you prepare and submit your handout.
• PPAI must receive your handout in electronic format (word file).
• Handouts pages should be not more than 20 single side pages in length.
• Handouts cannot be accepted on company letterhead.
• Please utilize standard, “easy to read” fonts. (e.g., Times Roman, Arial, Courier)
• Headers and footers should contain page numbers and program title only.
• Presenter contact information is limited to the last page of handout.
• All sheets must have the following minimum margins:
Left margin 1” Right margin 1” Top margin 1” Bottom margin .5”


PowerPoint Template:
In efforts to brand The PPAI Expo, please use the PPAI Expo Power Point Templates to start your presentation. You only need the cover page and last page to have the event logo. The Professional Development Staff will send each speaker the PPT template via email.

You may modify the Master Slide as necessary before creating your presentation. To modify the Master Slide click: View/Master/Slide Master/. Use this Master Slide to change the Font, Color and Background for all slides. IMPORTANT: Go to View/Normal to close the Master Slide before entering information for individual slides.
General PowerPoint Tips
The graphics you project on the screen to support what you say should help clarify ideas, emphasize key points, show relationships, and provide the visual information your audience needs to understand your message.
Your goal is to design a presentation that delivers your message clearly, efficiently and in an interesting manner. How you design your presentation will reflect your speaking style and your personality. You efforts will pay off in the long run and ensure that each presentation will communicate the importance of the content and the passion you have talking about it to your class.