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Your Commitment to Speak

It is an honor and a privilege to be asked to speak at a PPAI conference. By sharing your expertise, you make a valuable contribution to the profession’s field of knowledge and to the individual learning of our participants.

Please view this opportunity as a commitment like any other and ensure that you are able to deliver the session by securing the support of your organization and managing your workload and clients to keep this time open. We understand that things do happen and appreciate your advance notice in the event of extreme circumstances that prevent your attendance.


Speaking to an Adult Audience

--  Learners expect your session to reflect the description on the conference Website and in the program guide. Failure to do so is the number one negative comment about sessions. Review and clarify the session objectives at the beginning of your session.

--  Adults learn best when theory is applied to practical situations. PPAI audiences expect information on how to apply session ideas to their work and organizations.

--  Adults need variety in the session format to hold their interest. Be creative and keep in mind the large group setting.

--  To the adult learner, the delivery method is as important as the content. This is especially true for PPAI learners, many of whom facilitate learning themselves and are subsequently more demanding.

--  Demonstrate early in your session how the information being delivered will benefit the learner.

--  Provide opportunities for questions and answers throughout the session.

Delivery Methods

How you deliver your session is as important as the content.

--  Remember that this is a learning experience.

--  Limit your use of PowerPoint as a delivery mechanism. Instead, design interactive means to engage with the participants and have them engage with each other.

--  Make sure that your content supports your session description that appears on the Conference Website and in the program guide.

--  Model as many of the concepts you are delivering in the session as are possible and practical.


Session Format

Three Hour Workshops:

These three hour workshops are designed to offer an in-depth treatment of a topic to a smaller audience. They should be highly interactive and capture the best techniques, information and topic application.


45-90 Minute Sessions:

This is the standard session length. Please plan a session with good coverage of fewer topics rather than limited coverage of many topics. There will be approximately 10-18 sessions in each time period.