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The Power Of Your Informal Networks

with Michele Wierzgac

Networking is recognized as a major influence on the ability to achieve great success. The most successful people in the world possess the capability to influence and shape the opinions of others. Much has been written about how successful leaders and executives participate in formal networks, but very little is known about the substantial amount of time they spend within their informal networks. During this interactive workshop, you will be introduced to the skills necessary to maximize your informal networks. These most prized networks are filled with the power and potential to help you achieve success.

Track: Strategies & Solutions

Where: Breakers H, Level 2

When: Monday 1/15/2018 from 10:40 AM to 11:40 AM

Session Fees

Free To Members

$175 for PPAI Associates with the purchase of an Education Ticket

MAS: 1 points

Sponsored By: Bulova

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