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Jeremy Lott with SanMar

A picture on SanMar's very first catalog cover with a two-year-old peddling a big wheel proves it — Jeremy has worked at SanMar for nearly his entire life.

Today, as President of the family-owned business, Jeremy works in partnership with his father, Marty and his brother, Jordan. Over the years Jeremy learned the business from the inside out, from pulling orders to purchasing. After college and a stint studying in Hong Kong, he launched his career as an analyst for investment bank Piper Jaffray's technology team. Jeremy moved to Chicago in 2001 to earn his MBA, and then joined SanMar full-time. Adding strategy to vision, he continues to steward the company toward long-term growth and health. Proud of the opportunities given to so many tenured staff members to thrive, he often spends time "table-hopping" at the company's on-site café. He learns a lot during those casual conversations because, he says, employees have the pulse on what's really going on in their arenas.

The father of six young children, Jeremy discovered that a work/life balance holds the key to maximum productivity. He enjoys spending time outdoors — skiing, hiking, boating and generally staying active.

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