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Marc Matthews, CPIM, CIS with Pulse Experiential Travel

Marc H. Matthews, President and CEO of Corporate Sport Incentives DBA Pulse Experiential Travel, has over thirty eight years of experience in the incentive travel, special events and secondary ticket markets. Primarily a strategic B-to-B service fulfillment partner, Pulse Experiential Travel specializes in providing the Incentive industry sales incentive and customer relationship development programs based around group and individual experiential, sports and vacation travel packages as well as premium ticket and ticket packages to all concerts, theatre and sports events worldwide. Pulse Experiential Travel’s most popular incentive product, the JustRewards™ line of experiential sports and vacation travel awards, is unparalleled in service, scope, and excitement. Providing a high perceived-value alternative to cash, JustRewards™ are a staple offering in many incentive company’s loyalty, recognition and service programs. Highly flexible, the Just Rewards™ certificate travel incentive program allows the award recipient to choose the specific exciting sports event or vacation travel experience that interests and motivates them the most.

Marc graduated in 1987 from the University of Maryland College of Business with a Degree in Marketing and a Degree in Finance and also earned two Associate Degrees in Architecture and Civil Engineering. Mr. Matthews currently resides in Haymarket, Virginia with his wife Julie, and 4 children.

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