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Leeton Lee with ComplyBox Consulting

As an attorney for 28 years, Leeton Lee has extensive experience in regulatory compliance, product safety and testing of a wide variety of consumer products, including toys, children’s products, promotional products, premiums and apparel. He got his start in product safety more than 23 years ago, when he was hired in 1993 as an in-house attorney in the consumer products legal department at The Walt Disney Company, where he worked for seven years managing the business and legal affairs for The Disney Store worldwide, prepared and negotiated Disney’s tie-in promotional contracts for its entertainment features and programs, and helped establish Disney’s highly-respected product safety/compliance program. In his first week at Disney, he inherited 5 major product safety recalls from his predecessor, so, in addition to his other duties, Mr. Lee had to quickly form a small team to create Disney’s product safety and compliance program to protect consumer safety and Disney’s valuable reputation and brand.

Following his career at Disney, Mr. Lee served as associate general counsel at Equity Marketing, Inc., a leading promotions and marketing agency that focused on creating promotional programs and manufacturing kids’ meal toys and premiums for the fast food industry. Due to a product safety recall of more than 25 million units of a Pokémon kids’ meal toy made by Equity for its client, Burger King Corp., Mr. Lee was hired by Equity in 2002 to create and lead a world-class product safety program, ensuring that the sale of the company’s toys, premiums and promotional products did not result in any injuries, deaths, lawsuits and recalls or any loss of the company’s valuable clients such as Burger King, Yum! Brands, Kellogg’s, Coca-Cola, NASCAR, Disney, Warner Bros., Nickelodeon and many other Fortune 500 companies and famous entertainment brands.

As vice president, regulatory compliance and general counsel at ETS Express, Inc., Mr. Lee was responsible for ETS’ day-to-day business and legal affairs and creating and managing the company’s product safety and compliance program. Mr. Lee recently left ETS and formed a product safety and compliance consulting company called ComplyBox™. He (with some input from his 3 rescue dogs) focuses his work on assisting promotional products companies in developing or reinforcing their internal and external product compliance programs to become more competitive and to protect their companies and valuable clients from potential business and reputational damage.

Mr. Lee is a co-chair of PPAI’s Product Responsibility Action Group (PRAG) which spearheaded and implemented PPAI’s Product Safety Aware. He regularly speaks in front of industry groups and to share his product safety knowledge and insights on how strong product responsibility practices can drive additional sales growth for suppliers and distributors in the marketplace. He helps his clients to create and spread a powerful “marketing message” to grow sales through the effective promotion of their compliance programs and the safeguards used to provide their clients with great confidence.

In addition, Mr. Lee regularly contributes articles on product safety and responsible sourcing for PPAI’s PPB Magazine, ASI’s Advantages, Counselor and Supplier Global Resource magazines as well as other trade publications. Mr. Lee holds a bachelor’s degree in business from Pepperdine University, Malibu and a Juris Doctorate degree from Loyola Law School, Los Angeles. He is licensed to practice law in the State of California.

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Product Responsibility Considerations Throughout The Product Life Cycle

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