PPAI brand.

Be Labeled … A Success

Reward. Recognize. Remember. This is what incentives do and they do it well, which is why corporate America spends $46 billion annually on these high-end motivational products. As more and more companies consolidate the purchasing process by turning to full-service providers (rather than using multiple vendors) the time to break into the incentives sector has never been better.

But, why do incentives work for you, the promotional consultant? Because you already have a built-in customer base that trusts you, relies on you to create awareness for them and because you know how your clients work. Adding incentives to your line of promotional products is the natural progression of your business.

And, thanks to PPAI, it’s super simple to learn how it all works, and how it all can work for you. PPAI’s brand. the industry’s most highly regarded incentive products showcase gives you an all-access pass to this lucrative market:
  • Meet: face-to-face with the most sought-after factory representatives
  • See: the latest branded products
  • Learn: how to add incentives into your current offerings

brand. is the one showcase that gives you the tools you need to not only capture new corporate business, but enables you to do more for your current customers, to do more for your company.

Want to get a pulse on incentives before hitting the show? Follow these quick tips:
  • Become familiar with all the channels of distribution your clients sell
  • Get to know your clients’ VPs
  • Introduce yourself to your clients’ HR managers
  • Look at your clients’ current programs
  • Call a local multi-line rep and ask about the programs he/she has seen
  • Read industry trade publications
  • Ask your clients the following:
    • Who handles your sales-incentive program?
    • What do you do to recognize your employees?
    • Do you offer your dealers/customers incentives to increase their purchases with you?
    • Would you invest $50,000 to get $500,000?
    • If you attain your goals this year, how do you plan to celebrate?
    • How can I help you attain those goals? We look forward to seeing you soon!

Information regarding the IMRA Cafe coming soon!

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