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The PPAI Expo 2016 General Sessions will be announced soon.

Check out last years Dynamic General Session Speakers: 

Jeffrey Tambor: Performing Your Life
Veteran actor Jeffrey Tambor’s hilarious and inspiring presentation, Performing Your Life, will motivate attendees to discover the artist within themselves. Part one-man show, part seminar, part question-and-answer session and endlessly entertaining, Tambor’s empowering lessons are catalysts for change, promoting introspection among attendees.

His career as a Master Teacher of actors has given him insight into human behavior that translates into helping all people. He draws from his own experiences within his long career to advise his audiences. Tambor’s captivating session is a performance in itself as he helps attendees realize and dismiss some of the great fears that hold them back from their potential.


Better & Faster - The Proven Path To Unstoppable Ideas                                    
Jeremy Gutsche, Founder of

Jeremy will make you Better & Faster by teaching you a proven path to unstoppable ideas; tactics he's developed by studying 250,000 ideas with his 100,000,000 person audience, and frameworks he's battle-tested while helping to solve some of the world's toughest innovation problems with his 300 brand, billionaire and CEO clients, ranging from Victoria’s Secret, Coca-Cola and Sony to IBM, Walmart, Wells Fargo and Hughes Aerospace.

He will make you BETTER because he will teach you the how to overcome the psychological traps that consistently block successful people from realizing their potential. Connecting 10,000 years of evolution to our ability to adapt to rapid change, he will show you why smart people miss great ideas and what to do about it.

He will make you FASTER by teaching you six patterns of opportunity; the proven paths to unstoppable ideas.

As the "Intellectual can of Red Bull," Jeremy's examples stem from highly engaging, humorous and educational lessons from the untold tales of reclusive billionaires, unexpected stories of success, ex-criminals who made it big, and ordinary people who achieved the unthinkable by simply seeing the opportunities that others overlooked.

Put it all together and you will know the smarter, quicker, easier path to breakthrough ideas. You will better understand what aspects of your own success hold you back, and you will learn to see patterns and clues that will lead you to be a better investor, better innovator, better creator and better at adapting. You will realize all the great ideas that you're already so close to realizing. You will be better & faster.


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