Food And Drink Specials

Show Your PPAI Expo Badge To Receive Food And Drink Specials!

Monday-Wednesday 5:30PM to 8:00PM PST

Strip Steak
(from the convention center, take the cobblestone pathway toward the casino floor,
Strip Steak will be on your left-hand side)
Full Menu Available Here

Snack On $6
Hold You Over $9
Fill you Up  $24

Cocktails start at $11
Wine Start at $10
Beer $5 and $7

(from the convention center walk towards Mandalay Bay and Aureole will be on the
right side along the cobblestone pathway)
Full Menu Available Here

Small Plates $9
Sommelier selected White, Red, Sparkling Wine $9
Aureole Craft Cocktails $9
Featured Brews $5 and $6

Libertine Social
(from the convention center, Libertine Social is located across from starbucks on your
right-hand side along the cobblestone pathway)
Full Menu Available Here

Parmesan Churros $5
Short Rib Crostini $8
Sausage Board $8
Tuna Cones $8
Garlic Hummus $8

Select Local Draft &
Craft Canned Beers $5
Rum Swizzles $8
Scotch Highballs $8


(from the convention center, walk straight through the cobblestone pathway, into the Mandalay Bay casino, head toward the Shoppes of
Mandalay Bay, turn left at the hallway toward the Delano lobby, Skyfall host stand will be on your left-hand side at the end of the hall.)
Full Menu Available Here

Sunset Hour At Skyfall
At this elevated happy hour, guests may enjoy specials on cocktails and bar bites while taking-in the spectacular sight of the Las Vegas Strip.
5:00 PM - 7:00 PM daily
Bar Bites Starting At $6
Specialty Cocktails $12