FREEMAN WEBSITE - contains all of the following forms:
  • I & D Labor
  • Labor Jurisdiction
  • Third Party Authorizations
  • Labor Order Forms
  • Lighting/Truss Order Forms
  • Rigging/Forklift/Spotting Forms
  • Hanging Sign Order Form (Less than 200lbs/No Electrical)


MANDALAY BAY WEBSITE - contains the following forms:

  • Hanging Sign Order Form (More than 200lbs/Or Electrical)
  • Booth Cleaning
  • Internet and Telecom
  • Electrical
  • Audio Visual
  • Food and Beverage



Q: Am I required to use a Union Labor at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center?
A: No, your own full-time company employees can set up your display. For more information, see the Union Jurisdiction page in the LABOR section.

Q: When should I schedule my labor to arrive?
A: That will depend on when your set up/tear down time is scheduled to begin. Be sure to allow sufficient time for your freight to be delivered, before scheduling labor to begin. For teardown, be sure to allow time for your empty containers to be returned.

Q: Why are there two seperate order forms for hanging signs?
A: Hanging signs that weigh more than 200 lbs. and/or require electrical services must be hung by the Mandalay Bay Convention Center. All others should be hung through Freeman.