Product Pavilions on SAGE Mobile

Use SAGE Mobile to get the most from the Product Pavilion!

In SAGE Mobile, you can click Product Pavilions from The PPAI Expo screen. Here, you can view all of the products in the Product Pavilion and even sort them by category so you can see some of the best products of the year all in one place.

While visiting the Product Pavilion, you can then use the SAGE Mobile app to take photos of products you like, as well as make notes and add video and audio recordings about the products and suppliers that interest you. This information can be valuable when creating your walk list and deciding which exhibitors you most want to visit.

SAGE Mobile has many tools to help distributors before, during and after the show. PPAI knows that sales are your business and we are happy SAGE Mobile is available to help you make connections and see products that lead to more orders.

All attendees can try SAGE Mobile free. Learn more now.

Product Pavilion Categories