PPAI Expo Direct-2-You Exhibitor Staff Registration

Exhibitors will not need to register their staff for this event. When your booth is set up, your booth roster will automatically be set up. Please see the Exhibitor Kit if you need to change your roster.

Exhibit Info

Who May Exhibit

Exhibit privileges are open to Supplier and Business Services members who are in good standing with PPAI and current in payment of dues and all other charges invoiced by the Association and have executed the exhibitor’s contract.

PPAI Associates (formerly UPIC) qualified nonmember companies may exhibit if they are in good standing with PPAI, have executed the nonmember exhibitor’s contract and paid all related nonmember fees. (Equipment, machinery, parts or materials used in the production or decoration of promotional products, and exhibited for the purposes of distribution, sale or resale, may only be exhibited in a specifically designated area. Such equipment, machinery, parts or materials are those typically used in the awards and recognition, decorated apparel and digital printing industries.) Any nonmember supplier’s product may be exhibited at not more than three shows in a time period not to exceed 18 months, after which the firm must apply for membership in PPAI and be accepted in order to have its products exhibited. (Non-Member exhibitors will pay a Non-Member fee for booths and other services.)

The primary purpose of The PPAI Expo, PPAI DECORATE, PPAI brand. and PPAI sponsored shows is to provide distributors and qualified resellers exposure to suppliers’ promotional products, premiums and business gifts and to provide appropriate educational forums and opportunities. The secondary purpose of The PPAI Expo, PPAI DECORATE, PPAI brand. and PPAI-sponsored shows is to provide distributors (and their qualified designees), other members and resellers exposure to business services, products and equipment that facilitate and enhance the supply chain of suppliers’ products through distributors to end buyers. PPAI reserves the right to decline any request if it is not in the best interest of The PPAI Expo, PPAI DECORATE, PPAI brand. or other PPAI sponsored shows. Exhibit locations within these areas are based on a priority point system.

If you have any questions regarding exhibiting, contact an Account Representative.

No. Only for this virtual live event, PPAI Expo Direct-2-You, your staff will be automatically be registered at the time your booth is ready to be setup.

Use this document to start setting up your booth: https://ppai.org/expo-d2u/exhibitor-kit 

PPAI is in the process of creating more documents, videos and an exhibitor webinar to assist you. 

DEADLINE for booth setup: February 15, 2022

How To Become An Exhibitor

Contact you PPAI Account Manager for more details to become an exhibitor.

Exhibitor Resources

Click here to download the Exhibitor Kit PDF
How to set-up your virtual booth and staff

Click to watch What To Expect When Working Your Virtual Booth
On-demand webinar to learn tips & tricks, new booth strategies and new attendee engagement techniques.

Click here to learn how to set up your Networking Lounge.
(Networking Lounges are for Distributor Groups and Regional Associations, not for exhibitors use)

Sponsorship & Sales Contacts

Need more information about exhibiting at PPAI events? Contact your Account Manager today.
Sales Manager & National Accounts

Melissa Massey

Major Account Manager

Brandon Dunaway

Account Manager East

Connie Brazil

Account Manager - West

Hollady Farison

Product Safety Aware

All companies wanting to access the PPAI marketplace through trade-show exhibit space, sponsorships or advertising must obtain Product Safety Aware status. Exhibiting Suppliers participating in PPAI events must have a current PSA status. PPAI Expo Direct-2-You deadline is February 17, 2022.

This free program for both suppliers and distributors is designed to ensure that at least one person at each company possesses a basic understanding of our industry’s compliance obligations. This can be achieved by simply completing four hours of product safety education (live or recorded), attending The Product Responsibility Summit (live or virtual) or ICPHSO conference or being a member of PRAG.

To learn more, click here or email our certification department at Certification@ppai.org.

Short on time?
The three required webinar courses and the one elective webinar course are available here.

Please visit the PSA Program page for all information on how to earn your PSA status and access PSA education.

Once your company has earned Product Safety Aware (PSA) status, it is valid for two years. Renewal through continuing education is required every two years by taking two additional hours of any of these webinars. Visit the PSA Renewal Requirements page for more information on how to ensure your PSA status is current through The PPAI Expo 2022.

Do you believe these requirements may not be applicable to your business? Please email our certification department at Certification@ppai.org to see if your qualify.

Have questions about the program? Click here to read more.