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Media Policy & Guidelines

We welcome select members of the media to Promotional Products Association International (PPAI) events and look forward to helping you with any media requests. Our goal is to ensure PPAI events run smoothly for everyone concerned - attendees, organizers, film crew and all attending media. Please make sure that you read the following media accreditation requirements. The decision to issue media credentials is at the sole discretion of PPAI.

For all media inquiries, please contact Keith Vincent, Director of Marketing.

Media Guidelines

Accredited Media*

Media representatives must register first with the PPAI Public Relations office. All media must be accompanied at all times by a PPAI Public Relations staff member when photographing inside the venue or at one of the affiliate hotels. Videotaping schedules and on-camera interview requests must be provided in writing in advance to ensure PPAI staff availability. As a courtesy to presenters, television and video crews, photographers, and radio reporters must obtain permission from the speaker and moderator before recording or filming an interview. Public Relations staff will assist in obtaining permission to the extent possible. Media may not photograph or videotape any exhibit booth without the permission of the exhibitor and PPAI. This includes use of camera phones, personal digital cameras and other handheld devices. Many exhibits are proprietary.

Credentials are distributed on an as-available basis to journalists of recognized news outlets who are on assignment to cover the event and/or PPAI. Journalists must represent recognized daily or weekly newspapers; news services; recognized publications and outlets that regularly cover the specific event or the promotional products industry; recognized national/regional radio and television networks; local radio and television stations; and/or recognized internet sites. In each case, this is determined by PPAI at its sole discretion.

Registration fees for working press are waived. Members of the media may cover event(s) free of charge from the designated press seating area; however, meals are not included.

To receive a press badge, working journalists must provide photo identification and supporting documents such as a business card, letter of assignment and published samples of bylined work, preferably stories relating to promotional products within the last six months. All freelance journalists must provide a letter of assignment on company letterhead from an editor of a recognized news organization certifying they are covering PPAI for the organization. They also must sign a form confirming that the images taken will only be used for that specific publication and for that specific story.

Media must identify themselves and clearly display and wear the accreditation badge at all times.

*If a media pass is lost or stolen, pass holder MUST immediately report it to PR@ppai.org.

Credential applications and approved credentials to cover individual PPAI events are available upon request. Media credentials should be requested in advance.

Security checkpoints and procedures have been implemented for the safety and protection of all. Accredited media are expected to cooperate with the procedures and requirements implemented for access to the media, photographer and broadcast areas. Media access will vary by event and venue, and the media rules of the respective PPAI event must be followed.

Media Access

  • Access to PPAI events, exhibitions and public spaces will correspond to published access locations and hours of operation for each event.
  • A limited number of seats are assigned for media.
  • Still photographers have designated photographer’s areas.
  • Still photographers, video and film crews will be allowed to establish shots for a period of 10 minutes from the aisle between rows. After this time, cameras must move to designated areas.
  • Still photographers are limited to the camera positions located on the side of the rooms.
  • Broadcast and film camera positions are limited to the designated areas.
  • In certain instances, access may be limited or increased. In addition, PPAI (or its assigned), the official photographer(s) are the only official photographers that will be allowed to take pictures from all positions of events, rooms and exhibit floor.
  • During formal or ceremonial events, cell phones, radios and pagers must be silenced and media must remain in place until a scheduled break occurs or event ends unless other arrangements have been made with the PPAI Public Relations office.
  • Interviewing a speaker or attendee(s) in the event room is not permitted unless prior arrangements have been made.
  • Parking is to be arranged by the media. Advance notice is required for special parking needs.

No Access*

Media have access depending on specific permission granted for particular interviews or visits.

*The terms of access to any PPAI events, meetings and exhibits will be determined by the event organizer on a case-by-case basis.

Based on space requirements, PPAI reserves the right to limit the number of press badges issued to a single media organization. PPAI does not issue press badges to: publishers or a publication’s advertising, marketing, public relations or sales representatives; publishers, editors or reporters from house organs or promotional publications; public relations staff of exhibitors or educational institutions; writers creating analyses or reports sold as a commodity to customers; educational program developers; or other individuals or their representatives who are not actually reporting on the event, meeting or exhibition.


No Solicitation

No solicitation whatsoever
Any credentialed badge holder, who sells, markets or represents a company or organization for the purpose of obtaining advertising or subscriptions from any meeting registrant or exhibitor immediately forfeits press credentials.

Press credentials are not transferrable. Journalists who swap or share passes risk being banned from the event.


Interview Requests

Interview requests must be requested in advance to the PPAI Public Relations office at PR@ppai.org.

Scheduling will be based on availability.

Note that for all interview requests, the following must be provided:

• Name of the Journalist and Media Organization making the request and local contact information, including cell phone and e-mail;
• List of indicative questions;
• Proposed time(s); and
• Length of the interview



Media Coverage

PPAI requires that all media reporting on PPAI events (press, radio, television and bloggers) give the event host PPAI prominent recognition in their coverage of the event.

  • For print media coverage, this would include clearly crediting the event host PPAI in the first mention of the event within the piece, using "Promotional Products Association International (PPAI)."
  • For bloggers reporting live from PPAI events, this would include clearly crediting event host PPAI in the first mention each day, stating "Promotional Products Association International (PPAI)."
  • For video coverage this would include prominently mentioning "Promotional Products Association International (PPAI)" during the video.
  • It is not sufficient to just use the PPAI logo. The host must be mentioned within the body of all material. This includes all reports which are using information supplied by PPAI - even if journalists are not accredited to the event or attending the event.
  • The trademark policies must be followed with regards to the use of the PPAI logo. For full details of the trademark policies, please see www.ppai.org/press.


Broadcast Feeds

Television (video and audio) signals for the event, meeting or exhibition are the responsibility of the media.


Television, Radio & Internet Rights

  • PPAI owns the rights to originate live coverage from PPAI events, meetings and exhibitions, and these rights may have been awarded to a broadcast or cable network and/or an internet provider. Subject to the limitations previously outlined, non-rights-holding local radio, television stations, networks and internet providers are encouraged to cover PPAI events with the following limitations.
  • PPAI retains all rights in and to the filming, taping, recording in any media now or hereafter known, still footage/photography, radio or television broadcasting or reproduction in any manner or form thereof of any PPAI-sanctioned event. Any non-local news outlets must first get written approval from the PPAI Public Relations office before it can film, tape, or record footage at any PPAI-sanctioned event.
  • Some PPAI events are televised/simulcast, and for those sessions, access may be limited.
  • Any TV/radio broadcaster who does not comply with the above regulations will, without warning, have his/her accreditation withdrawn for the remainder of the event and may be banned by PPAI from covering future events. For local, regional and national TV news coverage, coverage of PPAI events shall not exceed three minutes in length in the daily aggregate and must be a part of a regularly scheduled newscast. Only taped footage may be included in these reports. The outlet may not purport to show live coverage from a PPAI event unless approved in advance in writing by PPAI. Segment requests exceeding three minutes must be submitted in writing 15 business days in advance of event.
  • Local credentialed TV outlets may broadcast live from PPAI events, as long as the broadcast does not include action from inside the event, meeting or exhibition (which is covered above).
  • The use of tripods is limited, based on available space. At no time will camera crews be allowed to impede the flow of attendees during any event.
  • Television and video cameras are not allowed on the exhibition floor, with the exception of the pre-scheduled and PPAI escorted media.
  • PPAI owns the rights to all recorded coverage of its events, whether it airs on a national, regional or local network. Such broadcast outlets will provide PPAI with copies of their coverage upon request.
  • Radio and internet (audio or video) coverage may not purport to be live from the event unless this has been approved in writing and arranged in advance with the PPAI Public Relations office.


Photography Guidelines

Only accredited photographers may photograph at a PPAI sanctioned event.

Media Credentials Application

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